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Agent Responsibilities

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The Education agent is aware of their responsibilities as defined in the National Code. The Education Agent undertakes to ensure that their staff employed are fully informed of any changes to the National Code of Practice as they may occur from time to time. The Educational Agent agrees to employ appropriately qualified staff, or to train all staff who will assess the extent to which the applicant meets the pre-requisites of the course for which they are applying based on the applicant’s qualifications and proficiencies.

The Education Agent undertakes to ensure that the recruitment of students is conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner and consistent with the requirements of the relevant course or curriculum.

The Educational Agents agrees to ensure that all student selection decisions comply with equal opportunity legislation and that the pre-entry qualifications offered by prospective students are authentic and representative of each particular student.

The Educational Agent as a student agent is required to supply certified documentation of evidence of satisfactory IELTS test assessment relevant for the course of study undertaken by the student.

The Educational Agent undertakes to follow the enrolment procedures as published by the Australian Technical College Western Australia and to make available all original documentation of the applicant to the college upon request.

The Educational Agent agrees to ensure that all applicant information collected as part of the application and enrolment process is securely kept and that the handling and any sharing of all applicant information complies with Australian Privacy Legislation.

The education Agent is our representative and it is your duty to promote and represent ATCWA in a professional and ethical manner. The Educational Agent undertakes to inform selected and prospective students about the laws, culture and customs of Australia. Intending overseas students are to be informed of course requirements and there must not be any suggestion that students do not have to study or attend classes.

The Education Agent agrees to abide by Items 1) to 7) of the Agent Responsibilities as outlined above.

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